Stories of recovery

It is said that ‘the ties that bind us are greater than those that separate us’: This is especially true in recovery. We all have unique stories to tell, but we share so much in common.

The purpose behind collecting these stories – and sharing them - is to help reduce the stigma often felt by people in recovery as they get on with life, on life’s terms.


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Each one of these stories is an insight into the courage, faith, perseverance and ultimately triumph in the battle against addiction and a life of recovery – one day at a time.


At 45, Dennis finally ran out of road and checked himself into a vet recovery program to turn his life around. After a lifetime of addiction, recovery isn't an easy option - but it was the only option. Now, five and a half years later, Dennis works for an opioid outreach program, helping people to break down the barriers to getting treatment. He's become a valuable asset to society and is blessed with respect and loving relationships with his family and friends.   Read the transcript


These videos were made possible by funding from Skagit County Health.

David and Jessica

David and Jessica descended into addiction together, entered treatment together and - against all odds, began a live of recovery together. They now have six and a half years clean time together. Today, they're raising two children and both work at the Reach Center in Mount Vernon, where they're an important part of the peer-support system.


Candice has 16 months of clean-time and she lives each day of her recovery with courage and the hope that some day, she'll be able to realize her dream of working in a clinic or treatment center. Her original dream of studying to be a nurse was shattered after a drug-related conviction.


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Valerie lost two children - her daughter was diagnosed with cancer on her 7th birthday - and 31 days later, her son of 5 months passed away.  Understandably, Valerie found ways to numb the incredible pain, until 2008 when she was shown the possibilities of recovery. Ten years later, Valerie's rich life of recovery includes a wonderful relationship with her two remaining children, her work as a community volunteer and studying for a degree in human services. Read the transcript


Marcia has been in recovery for over twenty five years, and the story she shares shines a light on how much recovery has to offer when you embrace it.


As a well known performer in the Northwest, music is a major part of Marica's life. The opening piece of music in this video is one of her own compositions and her lyrics give a clue as to her secret to living life on life's terms - with a smile.  Read the transcript

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