NSRC Newsletter / May

Sit with Whatever is Wrong in Your Mind

“We can begin to develop the confidence that if we sit in the midst of whatever is arising in the mind, in an open and nonreactive way, not only will the deeper truth of what is there, gradually begins to reveal itself, but it will all change very quickly.” Mindfulness to Light

Welcome to the May newsletter. 

Here's the details for the NSRC May 8th  meeting at the Reach Center on College Way. A light dinner will be provided (donations welcome). Our goal is to increase our membership this year so please come to the meeting and bring a friend or forward this newsletter / page to someone you think may want to join our cause. A lot is going to be happening this year so I hope you will join us.



The next NSRC meeting will be June 12, 2019. Mark your calendars. We would love to have you join us. Lots happening…come be part of the change that’s coming.

May is Mental Health Month

Let’s set the stage early and start shining a light on Mental Health Month. Attached are some valuable mental health educational posts to share with loved ones, your organization and community.

In 2019 we are expanding upon last year’s theme of #4Mind4Body and taking it to the next level, as we explore the topics of:

  • Animal companionship (including pets and support animals)

  • Spirituality

  • Humor

  • Work-life balance

  • Recreation and social connections as ways to boost mental health and general wellness

Download our toolkit by clicking the link: www.mentalhealthamerica.net

Reach out to your city mayor via email this month asking for a proclamation be declared making May Mental Health Month for your city.

2019 Valuable Toolkit Includes:

  • Outreach Ideas for your organization and community

  • Key Messages

  • Sample Press Release

  • Drop-In Article

  • Sample Social Media Posts

  • Sample Proclamation

  • Additional Resources

NSRC Member Organization Spotlight

NSRC is about community, sharing resources, and educating our community. We will share one organization that is a member of the NSRC in every newsletter.

May Spotlight is Lance and Colleen Illman of Second Wakeup House from Bellingham, WA

NSRC Speakers Bureau Available Now for Your Organization to Book

NSRC now has a speaker’s bureau to help start the conversation about recovery. Do you need a guest speaker or know of an organization which would like to learn or to start a discussion about recovery? Let us know. We have 12 speakers ready to go out to the community to help start the conversation.


The NSRC messages to share are: 1) people DO recover, 2) there are many pathways to recovery, 3) people in recovery often learn profound lessons that are not visible, 4) recovery for substance abuse is similar to recovery from other illnesses and disorders, 5) addiction is a non-communicable disease, 6) recovery is on-going, not a singular event.


If your organization would like to begin the conversation of recovery and learn more about the recovery process, please contact the NSRC today.

SAVE THE DATE: September 7, 2019

September is Recovery Month: NSRC has a full day packed with Family Fun, 5K/Walk, Silent Auction, and much more. Save the Date; Stay tuned for more information to come

NSRC monthly meeting

May, 8th 2019 5:30-7:30 at the Reach Center, 1413 E. College Way, Mt. Vernon

mariners day.JPG

2019 Seattle Mariners Washington State Recovery Day: Sunday, August 25 – 1 - 10 pm

Join the Seattle Mariners for Washington State Recovery Day at T-Mobile Park. Gather your family and friends for a fun-filled day of baseball and sunshine. Get a Washington State Recovery Day t-shirt (while supplies last) when you purchase through this special offer.

$19 View Level Tickets


A portion of every ticket purchased through this special offer will benefit the Washington Recovery Alliance.

For groups of 20+, the Mariners will put your organizations name up on the reader board + waive taxes/fees from ticket sale. Yay!

Deadline to purchase: Sunday, August 25 @ 12:00 pm!


or call 206 346 4519

Radikale Recovery Wellness Nourishing bites

Nutrition is such an important part of recovery, but it doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves. Apart from the obvious health benefits, good nutrition adds to the quality of your life and supports you as you move through life.

Each month, we featuring healthy recipes compiled by Darci Ridenhour

Recovery Recipe: Celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Healthy Fats for Healthy Brains

Bacon Holy Guacamole by Kelsey Nicole

This loaded guacamole is sweet, salty, and stuffed with bacon, garlic, tomatoes, pineapple, and more. It will make you want to say, “Holy Guacamole!”


+ 3-4 large avocadoes (healthy fat for healthy brain)

+ 5 oz bacon (nitrate free) (can omit if vegetarian/vegan) (healthy protein/fat…save the grease)

+ ¾ c pineapple finely, chopped (good digestive enzymes to help break down food)

+ 3 roma tomatoes, finely chopped (good source of antioxidant lycopene and Vitamin C)

+ ¼ c red onion, diced (good source of antioxidant vitamin C, fiber and folate and is a high protein food)

+ 1 T. fresh jalapeno, finely chopped (capsaicin, vitamin C, and vitamin B6)

+ 2 T. fresh cilantro, chopped (antioxidant and vitamin A + it helps pull toxins out of the body)

+ juice from 1 lime (vitamin C and calcium, and phosphorus)

+ ¼ t. sea salt (mineral salt…helps prevent cramping)



  1. Preheat oven to 400F and line a baking sheet with tinfoil. Place bacon in the baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes, flipping halfway through.

  2. Meanwhile, mash all avocados in a large bowl. Set aside. Chop all remaining ingredients and add to a large bowl.

  3. Once the bacon is done baking, let cool completely. Dice into small pieces and mix into guacamole.

  4. Serve with sweet potato chips, plantain chips, Siete Foods chips, or veggies.